[ #fabelier ] Real time content curation

Wednesday Nov, 27th ( Mercredi 27 Novembre )
Live documentation, captation, curation tools. An open-discussion, live demo and install party moment for people interested in real-time, liquid and democratic computational platforms.



NALA, Jean-Baptiste Labrune :
NALA : open environment to shares files, organize them collaboratively and create storytelling/narrated views out of live events, classes, workshops & hackatons.

To Find all Documents from this page on : ( to send files, login to with login cri & password as same as login but inverted)

To Edit this pagehttps:// (login cri & password as same as login but inverted – warning, fileloc! an alternative would be to use http://participad.org/ but not compatible with this version of WordPress… :/ )

To collaboratively Write during the event:

Areas of Real-Time Curation / Documentation


Collaborative Editing


Text Note taking

Visual Note taking


Challenges of Real-Time Curation / Documentation

  • An issue older than the internet! pre-Arpanet oNLine System for RTC by Doug Engelbart at SRI: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NLS_%28computer_system%29
  • Proprietary Web-based tools not reliable (can be terminated anytime, modified or “upgraded”)
  • Domain specific Silos (only Twitter or social media based, only Collaborative Editing Based, only file storage like GDrive, Dropbox)
  • Often rely on a complex workflow, no “Meta” landing page or dashboard for an overview of all curated content
  • Except from some tools (Storify.com , ScribbleLive.com) RTC tools not focused on StoryTelling nor LiveBlogging.
  • Finding an appropriate workflow that works online, offline, live & asynchronously

Some Historical Systems trying to adress content curation & sharing:

Two additional challenges

  • Challenges of programmingalgorithmic reasoning
  • Challenge of memory pattern – thinking in 2.5d – combining Text with Visual in a smooth way

A vision for RTC (real-time curation) / RTS (real-time storytelling) tools



RENKAN, Samuel Huron :
RENKAN : a mindmap / etherpad mash up to produce semantic web, and quickly polemic tweet .

Outil agregation de ressource web :

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